The U.S. Alien Cover-Up

The U.S. Alien Cover-Up

It seemingly all began thousands of years age, but for the purpose of this discussion, lets start with some events that we are all familiar with.  In 1947, two years after we set off the first nuclear explosion that our current civilization detonated, came the Cap-Mantell eposide, where we had the first incident if a military confrontation with extra-terrestrial that resulted in the death of the military pilot.  It is quite evident now that our Government not know quite how to handle the situation.   In 1952, the nations capital was overflown by a series of disks.  It was the event which led to the involvement of the United States Security Forces (CIA, DIA, NSA, & FBI) to try to keep the situation under control until they could understand what was happening.  During this period, the original member of the group were:

  • Secretary James Forrestal
  • Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter
  • General Nathan P. Twining
  • General Hoyt S. Vendenburg
  • General Robert M. Montaque
  • Dr. Vanevar Bush
  • Dr. Detlev Bronk
  • Dr. Jerome Hunsaker
  • Dr. Donald Manel
  • Dr. Lloyd V. Berkner
  • Mr. Sidney W. Souers
  • Mr. Gordon Gray

This group was a working group, established by the Government, known as MJ-12

The MJ-12 group has been an existing group since it was created with new members replacing others that dies.  For example, when Secretary Forrestal was upset at seeing the United States sold out in World War II, he wound up being sent to a Naval hospital for emotional strain.  Before relatives could get to him, he “Jumped Out of a 16th Story Window”.  People close to him consider his suicide contrived.  When Forrestal dies, he was replaced by General Walter B. Smith.

In December of 1947, PROJECT SIGN was created to acquire as much information as possible about UFOs, their performance characteristics and their purposes.  In order to preserve security, liaison between Project Sign and MJ-12 was limited to two (2) individuals within the intelligence division of the Air Material Command whose role was to pass along certain types of information through channels.  Project Sign evolved PROJECT GRUDGE in December 1948.  Project Grudge has an overt civilian counterpart named PROJECT BLUE BOOK, with which we are all familiar.  Only “Safe” reports were passed to Blue Book.

MJ-12 was originally organized by General George C. Marchall in July 1947 to study the Roswell-Magdalena UFO crash recovery and debris.  Admiral Hillenkoetter, director of the CIA from May 1, 1947 Until September 1950, decided to activate the “ROBERTSON PANEL”, which was designed to monitor civilian UFO study groups that were appearing all over the country.  He also joined NICAP in 1956 and was chosen as a member of its board of directors.  It was from this position that he was able to act as the MJ-12 “Mole”, along with his team of other covert experts.  They were able to steer NICAP i any direction they wanted to go.  With the “Flying Saucer Program” under complete control of Mj-12 and with the physical evidence hidden away, General Marshall felt more at ease with this very bizarre situation.  These men and their successors have most successfully kept most of the public fooled for at least 39 years or more, including much of the western world, by setting up false experts as real experts and throwing their influence behind them to make their plan work, with considerable success, until now.

Within six (6) months of the Roswell crash on July 2, 1947 and the finding of another crashed UFO at San Augustine Flats near Megdelena, New Mexico on July 3, 1947, a great deal of reorganization of agencies ad shuffling took place.  The main thrust behind the original “Security Lid”, and the very reason for its construction, was the analysis and attempted duplication of the technologies of the disks.  The activity is headed up by the following groups:

  • The Research and Development Board (R&DB)
  • Air Force Research and Development (AFRD)
  • The Office of Naval Research (ONR)
  • CIA Office of Scientific Intelligence (CIA-OSI)
  • NSA Office of Scientific Intelligence (NSA-OSI)

No single one of these groups were supposed to know the whole story.  Each group was to know only the parts that MJ-12 allowed them to know.  MJ-12 also operates through the various civilian intelligence and investigation groups.  The CIA and the FBI are manipulated by MJ-12 to carry out their purposes.  The NSA was created in the first place to protect the secret of the recovered flying disks, and eventually for complete control over all communication intelligence.  This control allows the NSA to monitor any individual through mail, email, telephone, telextes, telegrams and online computers, monitoring private and personal communications as they may desire.